March 15, 2011

Early hands on with the iPad 2

Nothing like early hands on with new tech! Just 341 days ago last April, I first got my hands on the original iPad. Today, loading on an iPad 2 and laughing at how slow the original iPad was, it was iPhone 3 vs iPhone 4 all over again.

Note though the iPad 2 had the latest iOS 4.3, while the original iPad was still at iOS 4.2.1, which would explain some of the difference. My happy tweet:
 Ben Schmidt
Hands on with iPad 2 in Ottawa, 15- March-2011!  Becoming a theme: me with iPad, 7-April-2010  
15 March 2011 via web 
15-March-2011, Ottawa: iPad 2 on left with Smart Cover. Original iPad on right.

7-April-2010, Ottawa: Original iPad.