March 19, 2011

Handwriting on the iPad: Note Taker HD - 2

Dan Bricklin's $5 Note Taker HD for iPad was recently updated to version 5. Note Taker HD's stand out feature is its Edit 2 input mode, which lets you enter more information onto each page.

New features introduced in version 5.0.5 include:
  • Change colour/thickness and location of previously captured handwriting
  • Editable text input from keyboard or clipboard
  • Vector drawing tools: shapes, lines
  • Image import and scaling
Editing previously captured handwriting
Here's an example of the first new feature [click any image to zoom]:
1. iPad screen shot after entering a draft article, showing Edit 2 magnified input mode.

2. The four bulleted points are selected.
3. The colour palette is selected.4. The colour of the four bulleted points is changed to red.

5. The four bulleted points are repositioned to the bottom of the page.