April 24, 2011

iPad Workflow 3: Importing Images using the Camera kit

The iPad Camera Connection Kit  $30 is an often overlooked way to quickly import high-resolution document images into your iPad from your iPhone or a camera.  The kit consists of two adaptors: a USB adaptor and an SD card reader.

USB Adaptor: Importing iPhone images 
If you've taken pictures with your iPhone, you could just email them to your iPad. But if you have multiple images and are sending them in full-resolution, this can be time-consuming. Furthermore to receive these emailed images, your iPad must have a WiFi or 3G connection.

The Camera Connection Kit's USB adaptor allows you to plug your iPhone directly into your iPad, and transfer multiple images at USB speeds, without the need for 3G or WiFi connectivity.

SD Card Reader: Importing Camera Images
If you've taken pictures or video with your camera, you can pop out its SD card, plug it into the  SD card adaptor, and import the images and videos into the Photos app on your iPad.

Inserting the SD card automatically opens the iPad's Photos app.