May 1, 2011

QR Codes: Bridging Print and The Internet

The proliferation of smart phones is helping promote the use of QR codes aka Quick Response aka Quick Read codes. Just launch an app like AT&T's free Code Scanner on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, point your smartphone's camera at a QR code, and the
app will recognize the code and open your smartphone's browser to the encoded URL. [QR at left encodes this blog's address.]

Where to use QR Codes
Not everyone has a smartphone or knows what a QR code is. But the demographic that does is growing, and the use of QR codes communicates an innovative posture. Use them on your event posters, brochures, handouts, business cards or even your resume. Encode a special URL in your QR codes and you can track usage.

How to Generate QR Codes
A number of online services offer QR generation. For example shorten your URL using Google's URL shortening service, and then append .qr to the resultant shortened URL to generate a QR code graphic. [Details] Update: Also works for any link. (via @blendcreations)

Updates, aka Bibliography