February 27, 2011

Easy meeting scheduling with Doodle.com

Scheduling meetings across multiple organizations where the participants don't share a common calendaring system is tedious. Enter Doodle.com – an example of a web-based service that makes finding a meeting time as easy as mailing everyone a link. They open your link and mark their

February 20, 2011

OS X Tip: Display Dashboard Widgets on your Desktop

I find the OS X Dashboard weather widget handy, and I've enabled it to display permanently on my Desktop, so I don't have to enter/exit Dashboard mode in order to see it. You can do this for any widget:

February 19, 2011

TeamViewer.com: Simple, Secure Remote Desktop Support

If you've ever been asked for computer help over the phone you know how frustrating it can be both to yourself and to the person you're helping. Remote access to their desktop eliminates these frustrations and can lead to speedy problem diagnosis and resolution.

February 13, 2011

Handwriting on the iPad: Note Taker HD

Dan Bricklin's $5 Note Taker HD v4.5 app should be considered by anyone who wishes to use their iPad for handwritten notetaking [see also choosing a stylus]. Note Taker HD's stand out feature is its Edit 2 input mode. This gives you a magnified handwriting input

February 5, 2011

iPhone/iPad Troubleshooting 101 - Rebooting

Rebooting an iPhone/iPad is a fast, simple troubleshooting tip that is often overlooked. When the problem is abnormal behaviour of an app that was working, try a reboot to see if the problem persists: